Veterans Memorial dedication was May 22nd

We have DEDICATED our Veterans Memorial Monument on Saturday, May 22, 2010 at 12 am. The main speaker was a local man who is now State, Major General TAG officer of the National Guards of Michigan, Thomas Cutler. We had many Political figures and local offficals as well. We had, music,refreshments and a program that honored the Veterans past and present of Bridgeport. The NCOA of Bridgeport help ed set up the program. Over 200 attended to show the pride we have in our Veterans.

If you are a veteran and lived or are living in Bridgeport please let us know so we can included you in a notebook we are putting together to keep in the museum for future references. A project is best done with help from as many local people as can be found. Please join us in keeping history of Bridgeport alive.