McNally Chapel 2015

The Historical  Society of Bridgeport built a replica of a small white church in the Historical Village. It will hold 25/30 people and look like the 4 white churches we use to have in the town. The only one left is St. Matthew Lutheran Church on King road.
Our Close Enough Construction group built it with help of a construction company. It is between the black barn and the Greek Revival house. We have set up a fund to help with internal items needed and toward other expenses.  We asked the local churches for artifacts from their churches that they might be willing to donate to the chapel for historical purposes.  Any questions call 989-777-5230. It is now finished and will be dedicated on May 31st at 3 pm at the Historical Village next to the fire station. It is called the McNally Chapel after a man and family that has helped Bridgeport  and the Historical Society and Museum with many projects both with money and incouragement. We take this way of thanking them for their support.